Introducing Two New Apple iPhone Products Exclusive to TemperedArmor

Introducing Two New Apple iPhone Products Exclusive to TemperedArmor

We at TemperedArmor always like to come with new ideas and love to share these ideas as well as make these ideas a reality. We may actually sound like (Tim Cook) right now, but, We love to try to dream and make the dream a reality.

And, that being said, we have done it. We have come up with two new solutions for the Apple iPhone6 and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. We have two types of 100% protection for the device, these are both patent pending ideas. Both formulas for both types are 100% ours and you may see copies out there so watch out!

Firstly, I guess we should share the one we are currently selling, we were looking at the current state of tempered glass for the iPhone and we had noticed the all of them just cover about 90% over the screen. To us? that is just not acceptable, You go out and pay $200 to $1000 Dollars on a device and why should you settle for 90% protection? Well, we think the same way! So, we are proud to present you with the 100% protection version. This works by having a small layer of aluminum around the edge so that it will conform to the bend of the iPhone. This has taken us over four months to fully develop and fully tool so that our customers can use this. We are extremely proud of this item and it is currently on sale and will be on sale, for at least two weeks.

iPhone 6 –
Iphone 6 plus –

You will need to scroll down in the menu for “style” for the full protection version. This item comes in both black and white and soon gold for so it makes your phone look as if nothing is on it 🙂

Apple iPhone 6 TemperedArmor Glass Screen Protector

Apple iPhone 6 TemperedArmor Glass Screen Protector

Apple iPhone 6 TemperedArmor Glass Screen Protector

Apple iPhone 6 TemperedArmor Glass Screen Protector


We also have another product for the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus which is almost 100% made of pure aluminum – currently this is in the test stage but, it looks VERY promising. and if you are interested in getting one for your phone. You may contact us via email at and someone from our sales team will get back to you ASAP. We will be adding a image of this item as well. Just so you can see how it looks. This has been in production and testing and design for since the iPhone 6 has been released so for us to actually be able to sit here and type this out and tell you guys about it, is truly amazing, it has taken a lot of work to get this item to actually fit the phone / look aesthetic to the eye and be form fitting. We are probably going to come up with some sort of trademark name for this because it stands in a level all on its own. It really is amazing. Without further words, let us share with you how it looks.



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Samsung Galaxy S6 TemperedArmor Glass Screen Protector

Since, Samsung has released a new device into their Galaxy series of phones, we have made new tempered glass screen protectors to fit this device with a perfect laser cut fit and using all of the best materials possible.

We have done own our drop tests and all kinds of other tests on this new gorilla glass 4 and despite what they tell you about it, it will break. It is however a lot more durable and it does make it less likely to break, but do not read into it as “unbreakable” because it can and it will.

At first, we were not going to introduce this because of the new gorilla glass, but our CFO had one of the test units and he likes to try to break devices and he found that it will scratch and it will break under pretty much normal wear and tear. Again, it is less likely, we are not going to say the new gorilla glass is not nice, but don’t think its break proof. So, we made this new glass to even further protect your investment. We like to see phones and tablets as investments due to their costs. And, from different statistics, we have seen most people do not carry insurance on their devices and therefor, cannot get their devices fixed cheaply. So, having an extra layer of protection can never hurt.

Logic is, $400 dollar LCD to repair? Or $20-$30 dollar piece of glass to remove when broken? And get another? Pretty Logical – which to choose.

We hope you like our new product and give us some feedback on it. Below is the link to it.



Welcome to Glass Screen Protectors

We have been a company selling tempered glass for over 2 years now and we have grown in many ways.

We have taken in customer surveys and we have completed everything everyone has asked of us.

The major concerns and ideas were:

  • Get the whole site on SSL – This is now fully done and operational. We are very pleased to announce that our whole site is now SSL.
  • Get more products online for sale – This has been a very hard job for us here, since we do not charge prices in excess for our items, it is quite hard to keep up will all the new devices especially when we do not know if they are going to sell. But, we have pushed forward and we are now supporting many new products and we have many more products coming very soon. We are so pleased to be able to bring new products to all our customers and future customers.
  • We also got some feedback about our site design and just the way things work in general. Again, as we don’t make that much money, we had to take our time and do things right and get it done one last time. Again, we are super pleased to annonce the fully re-designed and SSL

Special Thanks goes out to @fender_zach and various other people that would like to remain nameless (for all the help with the ideas and some design)


Lastly for now – to end this on a high note. We added two warehouses, one is located in NYC (New York) and the other is located in Los Angles (California) this means, we can get products out to people faster then ever. This also allows for fewer mistakes during shipment and keeps things more streamline.